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Medical Treatment Made Easy

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With the many of the survey it is proved that purchase of medical insurance can keep you healthy for a long time. Health insurance may be one of the most important purchases of your life. Health policy essentially covers your medical expenses. Like other insurance policies, Mediclaim Policy is a contract between the insurer and the individual/groups. Anyone can buy medical insurance for individual or for all family members as per the need. But before buying medical Insurance Policy one should understand the following claim processes.

There are two possible ways for making Health Insurance Claim:
1. Cashless Bases
2. Reimbursement Claim

Cashless Facility: - In cashless hospitalization schemes, Insurer pays directly to the hospital for your treatment. For Health-Insurance Claim on cashless bases, your treatment must be at network hospital. You do not have to pay bill with the hospital. The Insurance Company represented by the TPA, co-ordinates with the hospital and pays the bills.

Network Hospitals- Companies tie-ups with hospitals after checking the medical facilities and negotiating the rates, these hospitals are called network hospitals. Cashless Health Insurance Facility available only in network hospitals.

TPA (Third party Administrator licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) ) - An organization that ensure better services to policyholders. It is a middle layer between the insurers and insured and provides cash less services at the time of hospitalization.

Reimbursement Claim: - Reimbursement is process of compensating someone for an expense. In reimbursement Mediclaim plan, the patient can be admitted to the any hospital. Money spent on the treatment paid by individual at that time, which can be further compensated by the insurance company as per the terms and conditions. For claiming a reimbursement, document related with the treatment like bills etc. have to produce in original while filling a claim. Following are the four common documents which have to be in original while filling Health Insurance Reimbursement-

* Hospital Bills.
* Discharge Slip of Hospital.
* Doctor's prescriptions.
* Diagnosis Reports.

Both Cashless and Reimbursement policies are very much common now these days, You can choose any one as per your need. But before buying any Health Insurance Policy must aware of the terms and conditions of the insurance provider.
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