Friday, 1 March 2013

Will Health Insurance Covers Genetically Disorder Disease?

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Insurance is all about risk, when we buy insurance we pay a regular premium and in returns, the insurer promises to pay our claims if something happens like serious illness or death. We have to provide the medical information to the insurance companies in order to decide what premium it is fair to charge us.

But all this fails in case of genetic diseases. According to medical experts, There are several children born with some genetic diseases and suffers due to lack of treatment because the costs anywhere between Rs 5 lake to Rs 1.5 corer annually. 

According to LSDSS (Lysosomal storage Disorders Support Society) Lysosomal storage Disorders are a group of 45 rare genetic disorder caused by deficiency of certain enzymes in certain compartments of the cells. 

But there is no specific Health Insurance Plan from any of the insurance providers for such a critical condition. As Recently IRDA issued the new guidelines for All the CEOs of Life Insurers, Non-Life Insurers, Standalone Health Insurers and TPAs but there is nothing for Genetic disorder diseases.

However, the Andhra Pradesh Government has been urged to bring the Arogyasri health insurance coverage as the treatment was expensive and beyond the reach of the common man for Lysosomal Storage Disorders (LSDs).

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